What Men Like…?

This is by far the greatest lesson I’ve learned in regards to men and their view of women and the way we dress.

I don’t have to expose one leg, arm, breast or butt cheek in order to look attractive and/or sexy in the eyes of a man. You’d probably never guess it with the great epidemic of butt-shots and fake breasts, but there are actually things that stand out to men just as much, if not more. As an adult now (I’m 26), I’ve realized that MEN (mature adult men) care a little bit more about things besides body parts.

Here is MY list of things I’VE notice that stand out to men.

  1. Nice shoes. Nice feet in nice shoes. Nice toes on nice feet in nice shoes. Seriously, I never knew that men were that intrigued by a woman have nice, polished toes and pretty feet.
  2. A beautiful smile and a cute laugh. Now, I can’t exactly explain what a cute laugh sounds like. All I know is that there are men out there who love to make a woman laugh and the love the sound of her laughter. And as far as the smile, I don’t mean that you need to have nice teeth (although I would hope that you do regularly brush them), but rather you have a nice big, genuine smile. Happiness and a smile can be contagious.
  3. A nice body shape/figure in a nicely put together outfit. This does not mean that you need to wear a skin-tight, body hugging dress, skirt or pair of pants/jeans. It simply means that your clothes should FIT nicely, not look like you are suffocating and can’t move. And you do not have to accentuate every single part of your body all at once. And even if you do choose to wear something more fitted, you don’t have to expose your cleavage and you entire leg. You dress or skirt does not need to stop right below the beginning of your buttocks.
  4. A woman with nicely styled hair. Now, this does not mean that your hair needs to look a certain way. Of course there are those silly men out there who have their objections to short hair or natural hair or whatever, but I find that men actually appreciate a hairstyle that is simply that – hair that has been styled. Don’t just roll out of bed and quickly throw it in a messy bun.
  5. A fresh face. Wash your face in the morning. Moisturize. You don’t need a full-face of makeup and if you do choose to wear makeup, opt for a natural look. (Personally, I feel that if it takes your 30 minutes or more to do your makeup, you are officially a brand new person. You no longer look like yourself. That’s my opinion.) If you meet a man for the first time with a full face of makeup and then on the second occasion you are make-up free, you shouldn’t be unrecognizable. Men don’t like that. They like when they can’t tell that you’re actually wearing any makeup.
  6. This is a simply a conclusion of the five tips mentioned above. Men appreciate a fully dressed woman, with a nice figure inside a nicely put together outfit paired with nice shoes that have nice feet with nice toes inside them. They like a fresh face and nice hair.

I guarantee that you will stand out (in a good way) standing next to a pack of under-dressed women. He’s sure to take notice of you before giving them a second glance.


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