How to Wear a Turtleneck: 6 Ways

The climate is clearly confused as I’ve clearly embraced fall and all it has to offer, yet some days feel a bit more like summer. Frankly speaking, I don’t know whether to bundle and layer or discard the sleeves and put my boots back in the closet. So, my confusion has led me to invest in one awesome item; the turtleneck.

Long gone are the days when turtleneck were associated with nerds and the one thing in your mother’s closet that you just couldn’t get down with. Nowadays. they are extremely effortless, versatile and, dare I say, chic.

The great thing about turtlenecks is that you have the option of long sleeves, short sleeve or sleeveless. You also can choose heavier knits or lighter weight fabrics, oversized or fitted.

The Chunky Sleeveless Turtleneck

While the current weather doesn’t allow you to fully commit to chunky-knits, long sleeves and heavier coats, the sleeveless turtleneck is a great transition piece. It’s a little heavier, yet not too heavy and a great piece to wear alone or layer. You have options! I’ve personally chosen longer, sleeveless turtlenecks for myself because in my opinion they look better with a variety of bottoms.

tan sleeveless turtleneckchunky sleeveless turtlenecklayered sleeveless turtleneck

The High-low Turtleneck

Also, I prefer high-low styles because they provide a little more character and fun to something that might look a little basic and boring.

grey sleeveless turtleneck high low turtleneck

The Light Weight Turtleneck

This turtleneck looks great in a variety of ways. I find that they look awesome casually or professionally paired with denim or even suiting.

turtleneck at work Karlie-Kloss-fitted-turtleneck-tank-top

When the weather starts to get colder its easy to transition these by layer a chunky sweater, a cape/poncho, jacket or heavy coat.

Lightweight turtlenecks are also awesome when trying to transition your summer dresses into fall. Simply layer the turtleneck under your favorite summer dress. (DISCLAIMER: This does not work with every summer dress so please be smart and choose wisely.)

turtleneck under dress 2 Layer-Turtleneck-Under-Dress

The Turtleneck Poncho

Mix two of fall’s best trends by choosing a turtleneck poncho. It looks great with leggings and boots or denim.

turtleneck ponchoponcho turtleneck 2

The Cropped Turtleneck

If you have the right midsection then the cropped turtleneck could be just what you need. I personally think cropped styles look better in light-weight fabrics, but if your figure isn’t as forgiving then opt for a heavier fabric and pair with a high-rise bottom.

cropped turtleneck layered cropped turtleneck

The Turtleneck Sweater Dress

The turtleneck sweater dress is another cool option that looks great in a chunky knit or a fitter style. Paired with tights, boots and maybe a cute jacket or vest, you instantly have a super stylish look.

turtleneck dress turtleneck dress 2

Still need some help styling a turtleneck? The easiest thing to now is log onto Pinterest, type in the type of turtleneck you’re looking for and start scrolling!

Click here, herehere and here for some of my favorite turtlenecks!


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