My World In Black and White

I know to many people it appears that I own a lot of clothing and shoes. While true I may own more than I need, it really isn’t as bad as you may think. You see, I have mastered the art of mixing and matching. There was once upon a time when I prided myself on not being seen in the same outfit twice, but those days have truly passed.

My closet currently consists of probably 70% mostly black items, 20% white items and maybe 10% colored things that I rarely wear.

Watch my video HERE to see how I masterfully mix and match my black and white!


So, how do you master the art of mixing and matching while still looking fly and on trend you ask? Well, it simply comes down to investing in good quality, neutral colored clothing and staple pieces. Yes, I just used the word “investing” in reference to fashion. THIS IS REAL LADIES and I’m here to break it down for you in detail!

What are my staple pieces?

  1. Black booties
  2. Tall black boots (heel and flat)
  3. White Blazer/Black Blazer
  4. Black Leather Jacket
  5. Leather Pants
  6. Black Skirt (Midi and a Mini/Leather and another material)
  7. A couple cute solid black and solid white blouses
  8. Black Vest/White Vest
  9. Fur Vest
  10. Silver Watch/Gold Watch
  11. Short Flat boots (black and/or tan)
  12. Black dress (LBD and statement dress)
  13. Black Floppy Hat
  14. Trench Coat (Black and/or tan)
  15. Good Blazers (Black/white/tan/navy and a couple statement blazers)
  16. A variety of black pants (leather, jogger style, trouser (work pants), wide-leg, skinny leg, etc.)

(Colors I consider to be neutrals are black, white, tan, navy, grey…I hate brown, but brown as well)


Now that we know what items to INVEST in let’s talk a little bit about staying on trend. As the seasons change, obviously the trends change. So, my advice is to INVEST in a couple pieces which represent what’s on trend/color and mix and match these with your staple pieces. For example, fringe is currently a big trend this fall and has been a big trend during prior seasons so I INVESTED in a good pair of tall fringe boots a couple years ago and they are still in style. But, this season I purchased two pair of flat fringed boots, one in black and one in tan/taupe. Now, for you, investing in a trendy piece could mean purchasing a fringed jacket, or fringed skirt, or maybe a great suede piece, but whatever you choose, I recommend that it be in a neutral color because while fringe may still be in for next fall, the color you chose may not.


But, Jance, How can you afford to shop so frequently and INVEST in good quality pieces? Well, the honest answer is, I really can’t afford it (LOL). But, I make it work. In the last year, my rule of thumb has been if I’m buying something, I need to be selling something. I am a hoarder, I like to hold on to things that will obviously never be worn again. So, I have taught myself to get rid of some things, but to make a profit when I am getting rid of it. I’ll go more into detail about this in a separate post, but my three golden rules are as follows:

  1. Try to sell items as frequently as you buy them. Sell things through Poshmark, Vinted or at Plato’s closet. (I don’t resort to Plato’s often) [I will be posting about resell sites in a future post.)
  2. Even if I had an office job or a normal 9-5, I would still get a part-time job at a store that I love to shop at simply for the discount. You don’t have to work often, but it’s nice to be in a different environment, earn some extra cash, and then spend that cash in the store with your discount.
  3. You have to budget, strategize and really decide what you want to INVEST in and what you don’t mind having to replace in the near future. (This is something that I still struggle with from time to time, but I promise to go into more detail about this in a separate post.)

Well ladies, I sincerely hope that I have  helped you in some way. I’m not an expert stylist or anything, but I am an expert, frequent shopper and a chronic wearer of black and white! I hope you all know now that I am not rich, never have been, probably never will be and I make a very normal amount of money, but no matter how much money you make, it is still very possible to look great and have celebrity-like style without spending celebrity-like money! Saving money and looking good truly takes time, dedication and true effort, but I’m here to help with that! Until next time!


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