I’m Feelin’ Kinda Blue…

For some reason, lately I am obsessed with the color blue! I seriously love it and especially when my hair is a shade of brown or blonde. It really does something for me. So, today I wanted to share with your all some of my favorite blue items at Saks Fifth Avenue!


This jacket is a great alternative to your basic black leather jacket. Throw it on when you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, an all black outfit, or maybe even a little dress. It’s fun, super cute, and a little edgy.(Rebecca Taylor; $895)


This Parker dress is super cute and a fun option for a night out on the town with the girls or a night out with your man! I wish I could have gotten a picture of the back where there’s a sexy cut-out, which means there’s no bra to be worn with this one. (Parker; $297)


Now, this is my absolute FAVORITE  dress in the Women’s Contemporary Department. I sincerely feel that every woman needs to own at least one Diane von Furstenberg dress and this is the one that I sincerely feel that I need. I love DVF so much. It’s super flattering to the female body. If you’re going to purchase a DVF dress, I highly suggest a wrap dress as your first purchase. (DVF; $598)

IMG_5617La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni is my favorite of the “higher end,” yet still fairly affordable, designers at Saks. Also, very flattering on the female body, La Petite Robe serves a little more sexy. My only issue with these designs is that I haven’t come across one dress that has a zipper so they can be pretty difficult to get in and out of. An, as you can see, the fabric is not very forgiving if you have a little bit of a pudge like I do… so start working out now and buy a really good pair of Spanx! (La Petite Robe; $695 and Stuart Weitzman shoes; $495)


How could you not love this Milly dress!? Its simple, yet elegant. My favorite part of this dress is the hidden zipper at the neckline which adds an element of sexy! (Milly; $550)

While not totally blue, this Milly dress is still one of my favorites. The fabric literally feels like cushion. It’s really stretchy and squishy (lol). I love the random neon yellow and black zigzag too. (Milly; $450)


I personally believe the taller the shoe the better, so these Prada pumps really touched my little heart. (Prada; $850)


Last but not least are these Joie slip on sneakers. If we could wear things like this to work I would be all over these for sure. (Joie; $195)

Well ladies, until next time!

IMG_5631 IMG_5636

Here are two honorable mentions; DVF and Milly.


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