Who’s a Fashion Guru 2 ME?

Hello once again guys! So I was thinking, with my name being “Fashion Guru 2 U,” you all might be wondering who’s a Fashion Guru 2 Me. It may sound kind of corny, but I wanted to share my personal list of fashion gurus. I’ll probably forget someone this time around because I writing (typing) straight from my head, but I’ll do another post if I think of some others. So, let’s get started!

In no particular order…

 Photo Source: Complex April 2012

Solange Knowles is a fashionista not to be reckoned with. She definitely does not linger in the shadows of her big sister Beyonce. Wearing whatever she wants, however she wants, whenever she wants, Solange never misses a beat in fashion. Her style is so eclectic and definitely one of her own. Follow Solange on Instagram  (@mydamnstagrams) and check out her blog (http://mydamnblog.com/) for beautiful photos from her everyday adventures and even more beautiful ensembles.

I think Rihanna is a given contender for most influential in fashion. Although she’s often seen in some tasteless, maybe questionable, even hideous outfits, Rihanna is definitely a style icon, and I can’t lie, I’ve been part of that following. Having changed my hair just as many times as she has, I personally know that this woman has a definite effect on young girls and women across the world. I’d tell you to follow her on Instagram, but you probably already are, and you probably already know that her account features a little less fashion and a little more “things you wouldn’t want you child to see or read.” Nevertheless, Rih-Rih is my girl and she has a style that you just can’t help but to watch.

Hogwarts alumni Hermoine, or should I say Emma Watson, has certainly shed her oh-so-frumpy Hogwarts robe and traded it in for all the Louboutins, Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and whatever else we all can’t afford and lust over! Since the day she cut her hair into that adorable pixie cut, I knew that Emma would be someone to watch.

Photo Source: (http://stylishfaith.com/2012/03/06/stylist-june-ambrose/June Ambrose)

Now June Ambrose is someone else that I would recommend following on Instagram (@JuneAmbrose). Not only does she upload beautiful photos of herself in very beautiful outfits, she also shares cute pictures of her two adorable children who aren’t treading far behind mommy when it comes to fashion. June is a celebrity stylist, but forget the celebrity because she’s a celeb herself. Her style has star power written all over it.

Photo Source: (http://beautyisdiverse.com/2012/05/kim-kardashian-2012-cannes-yacht-party/)

Kim K is my girl. Not only does she have a hot body and a great sense of style, she also has great taste in men. Yeah, I said it! But, I digress. On a more serious note, I really admire Kim. She has been very successful and no one can argue against that. From the beginning, she took something she loved, fashion and business, and she made a career out of it. For that, I definitely look up to her. Follow her on Instagram (@KimKardashian)

This daughter of a reverend is definitely a bad girl when it comes to fashion. Angela Simmons, daughter to Rev. Run is one of my top contenders in the fashion world. Not so much a fan of her Pastry shoes, but her ensembles are always amazing. Angela knows how to play on her fun a flirty look, but she also knows how to “sex it up” when she wants to. I don’t know much about the app “Mobli”, but from what I hear, that’s the place you want to go if you’re wanting to follow Angela because she isn’t very active on instagram.

Kourtney Kardashian is my favorite Kardashian when it comes to fashion. Even while pregnant, she still manages to walk in six-inch heels, wear a two-piece bikini to the beach, and still look better than half of us women who are half her pregnant size. I love Kourt because she always looks chic and elegant. Also, the fact that she is extremely short like I am makes me love her even more. She often gives me the confirmation I need when there’s a trend that I want to try, but am not sure it will look so swell on me.

We’ll end this one with the queen herself, Queen Bey. If God ever wanted me to bow down to an earthly person in fashion, I’m 90% sure that Beyonce will be that person. Even post-baby, Beyonce looks gorgeous and no one can compete with that body when she hits the stage in a sequined leotard. Let’s face it, Beyonce can do no wrong.

Well, that will be it for tonight you all. I hope this post is one that you enjoy. Thanks for reading!


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